Serving healthy, delicious brunches daily

8am – 3pm
(We open every day)

Authentic Thai Night

5pm – 11pm
(Closed Monday)


Discover the original Thai night and the varied menu of specialties of the house that Canopia proposes in Thai cuisine with the intervention of ingredients perfectly chosen to bring freshness, color and elegance to your dish.

Pamper your body and soul, enjoy exquisite flavors.


The dress designed to
find the essence of the

Yoga Shala Boutique

Akasha, the Yoga Shala Boutique offers a versatile clothing option for all our visitors. Inside you will find a variety of clothing from beachwear, yoga outfits to elegant knitwear and apparel.

We open from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 11 am to 7:30 pm. Visit us and find the ideal gift for a friend, an outfit for you or a souvenir of your visit.

Nirvana scarf

The circular scarf protects us from wind and cold together with a jacket but also, it can be used as an accessory to give a cute detail to our outfit. It can also be used as a shal to protect our shoulders. We created the Mukti shirt as a reminder to learn to accept all the thing that happen in life.

Drishti outdated Skirt

Ideal to look fresh during summer days. The Drishti skirt can be used together with a bodysuit or simply with a tank top. You can find a lot of colors in Yog Shala Boutique, like black, clear aqua blue, sky blue, navy blue, royal blue, and others.

Hum Shoulder Shirt

Hum shoulder shirt is a simple shirt but can be used with all kinds of clothes. It allows you to look stylish with a cute accessory or you can use up a tank top after yoga.

Bruma Men’s Pants

Bruma are loose men pants, 3/4, strait and it has 2 bands to close them. You will feel free in this Bruma pants. They are inspired in the free spirit people, in the way they laugh, in their movement when they dance. You can use it in your daily life or for your yoga practice.

Sport Bra Ashaika

The Ahsika spor bra is a great partner during all your activities. We believe that this sport bra knows what a woman needs: to feel comfortable, secure and free. Great for exercise or for use down the Yama shirt, Mukti Hum shirt or shirt.

Shanti hombre

Ready to go with you to your yoga class, your running session, jumping, walking… or just to sit on the couch and drink a coup of tea. This pant is so comfortable that man can feel at peace with ourselves and produce a feeling of happiness. It has a waistband that allows leg raise or lower.


Travel through Tulum,
know the secrets of its
streets and beaches.

Rent Your Bicycle

Travel the streets of Tulum by bicycle. Yoga Shala offers you a bicycle rental service so you can get around quickly and safely. Travel the area and see the beaches of Tulum.

$ 10 USD – Bicycle with delivery before 9pm.
$ 15 USD – Bicycle for 24 hrs.


Professionals focused
on a integral health


Our professional and friendly team uses the most effective techniques to provide you with a holistic, individualized treatment. With hundreds of hours of both training and experience, all of our masseuses in order to ensure that all of our clients’ needs will be met- be it soft or firm pressure and special techniques.

*Massage service with prior reservation.


A form of spiritual healing using “universal life energy” channelled through the practitioner to the recipient. Reiki helps to harmonize body, mind and spirit, it is an effective healing method.

Length: 50 minutes
Requires confortable clothes

Holistic Massage

It is a combination of different therapies and techniques begins with an abdominal massage, continues in the rest of the body combining Swedish massage and Lymphatic massage. Finally aligns the chakras through the ancient art of Reiki.

Length: 90 minutes

Metamorphic Technique

This technique helps everyone to unlock energy knots that have occurred at the stage of gestation and that have led to emotional problems (fear, anxiety, guilt…) and end up causing physical illness.

Length: 60 minutes
Requires confortable clothes


Janzu or water massage invites you to stop the control in your body and let your physical weight into the water. We get in touch with our inner child, to flow into it and unify it into the water.

Length: 60 minutes
Use comfortable swimsuit, recommended to do so within a lagoon

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is the art of pressure and manipulations of the body. Some of its benefits: stimulates circulation, relaxes muscles, restores energetic balance, your posture and alignment improves, releases tensión and stimulates the internal organs.

Length: 90 minutes
Requires confortable clothes


This physical massage of applying pressure to the feet, hands, or ears with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands.

Length: 60 minutes
Requires confortable clothes

Classic Swedish Massage

This massage is therapeutic and physically beneficial as technics involved link all the bodies systems in order to relax muscle tissue. It helps to stimulate blood flow, oxygenize and eliminate toxins which increases the bodies abilty to relax and rest.

Length: 60 minutes

Mud Massage Treatment

This treatment is a combination of Swedish massage with the application of natural clay from this región. You can receive the benefits of massage and the effects of mud, that helps to renueve your body and feel completely relaxed.

Length: 90 minutes

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This massage used a special technique, which is done by pumping movements based on smooth, rhythmic pressure, which main purpose is to stimulate the lymphatic system and organs. Works by moving and eliminating intercellular fluids with toxic waste accumulated in the body.

Length: 40 minutes

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The hotels in Tulum aim to keep Tulum as prosperous as possible with Eco-friendly establishments, and stop the ecological problems that have already taken hold in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen.